Should You Sleep With A Gun Under Your Pillow Or Not

There are many people that feel much more comfortable sleeping with a gun under their pillow. Although this is something that most people do not do, those that have guns may actually do so. From one perspective, you are providing yourself with easy access to defend yourself if you are ever attacked in your home. Conversely, it may cause what could be a fatal injury if the gun is accidentally discharged. Here are a few concepts to consider if you are thinking about sleeping with a gun under your pillow.

The Benefits Of Sleeping With The Gun Under Your Pillow

One of the top benefits of sleeping with your gun under your pillow is that it will give you peace of mind. If you are in a neighborhood where it is possible that people could break-in, you would be better off to have easy access to a gun. The other benefit is that you will always know where it is. Some people often misplaced their gun somewhere else in their home. If you know exactly where it is, you can get to it very quickly if you ever need to use it.

The Drawbacks Of Sleeping With A Gun In Your Pillow

The main drawback of having a weapon under your pillow is that there is always the possibility of an accident. Even if you have the safety on, while you are sleeping at night, you never know exactly what can happen. You may inadvertently leave the safety off, and accidentally drop it, causing it to discharge. Therefore, it might be better to have the gun in a dresser drawer, or by your nightstand, instead of directly under your head while you are sleeping at night.

Why Many People Prefer Sleeping With A Gun

For some people, it’s not just about safety. They could probably store this under their bed, or in a drawer, but they prefer to have it underneath their pillow because it is a habit. For example, someone may have been in the military for many decades, or they could have been a police officer, and this is something that they have become accustomed to doing. They may have had an incident where someone was coming after them, and without the gun under their pillow, they may not have survived. Therefore, this can be a habit forming event, one that is not easily broken, and may not have to do with any immediate problems they are facing.

Other Options Instead Of Placing It Under Your Pillow

Other options will include placing the gun outside of the bedroom area. If you can lock your bedroom door, there is really no reason to worry about someone getting in. If you must have it in the bedroom, and if you need to have quick access to your weapon, underneath your bed, or even on the dresser, might be a better option. There are always ways to modify a habit that you have, even if you have been sleeping with a gun under your pillow for many decades of your life.

Other Ways To Protect Yourself Instead Of Using A Gun

One of the best ways to avoid the need of having a gun under your pillow is to set up an extensive security system. This is one that will involve cameras that can see during the day, infrared cameras at night, and sensors on all of your doors and windows. If you are paying for one of the more expensive protection systems, you will have live monitoring 24 hours a day. In most cases, this is enough to allow people to relax and not sleep with their gun at night.

Whether you sleep with a gun under your pillow or not, you can now see why someone would do this. This can be the result of a lifelong habit, or perhaps someone is actually afraid that someone will break in. There are always other locations that you can place the weapon so that you can access it within seconds. Additionally, you may want to consider installing a state-of-the-art security system so as to avoid the need of sleeping with your gun under your pillow every night that you go to sleep.